Key Points Covered

  • Not overcomplicating what our quarterbacks are asked to do
  • The simplest way to attack the secondary
  • What leverage/personnel stress means
  • Inside and outside leverage
  • Common mistakes of not seeing your advantages

Personnel Stress

personnel stress shown on a whiteboard

Hi, Dad and Coaches, This is Coach Mac with Authority Football. Welcome to Whiteboard Wednesdays. Now, the problem we’re talking about today is actually over-complicating what we ask our quarterbacks to do.

Now the last few weeks we talked about lateral stress and vertical stress and today we’re going to talk about the simplest way to attack the secondary, which is leverage or personnel stress.

And all that means is personnel stress means my guy is better than your guy. And we want to even use that language when we’re talking to our quarterbacks.

Hey, is our kid better than their kid?  Is he faster or is he taller or is he quicker, or does he have more grit or is he more experienced? Whatever those things are, and then go take advantage of that. It’s kind of blood in the water for a shark. Go after it- attack those weaknesses.

Leverage Stress

Leverage stress illustrated on a whiteboard

And then secondly, we’re talking about a leverage stress, which is where a defender lines up on a receiver, any receiver inside or outside.  And there are only two ways that we can break that down. Inside or outside leverage, or that vertical cushion that he gives us.

So let’s take a look at an example here, with a wide receiver. I’ve got a quarterback in the middle, and here’s our wide receiver and you see the cornerback is taking heavy inside leverage. He’s saying, “You can’t come run this inside slant or any of those routes”, and so we want to take what he gives us.

Go ahead and run right by him, that’s a great route to call. Go after it. Don’t even hesitate. Like I said, blood-in-the-water. He’s also given us those out routes there so we can snap off that out a route and get to the sideline, especially for like a two-minute drill.

Now, that’s one way to do it. When he’s taken away inside leverage, let’s talk about some of that cushion leverage. If we’ve got a cornerback, he’s given us lots of grass underneath, lots of cushion, we want to threaten the thing he’s most afraid of… And really get vertical and push him off.

And then, of course, we can snap that route off on a hitch route, or a curl route and take the grass that He’s given us, and it’s really simple for us to get the ball to an athlete so he can go do what athletes do, which is score touchdowns.

Now let’s take a look inside here, to show how this translates to any receiver anywhere in the formation. If you’ve got a backer who’s lined up heavy inside, we want to throw the ball where he’s not. He’s heavy inside, let’s go ahead and take something there.

So, it’s simple. This guy, no matter how fast he is, is at a severe disadvantage to the athlete here so don’t overthink it, execute your footwork and get him the ball.

Now, the most common mistakes or problems and challenges I see with guys when we get to hear is simply this: One, they don’t see it pre-snap. They’re thinking about so many other things- Snap, cadence, or the offense, the reads, their forwards, et cetera.

They don’t calm down to think, Hey, do I have an advantage where I can get the ball to a taller, receiver, a faster receiver or how are those guys lining up on me, and so forth? Just take advantage of what they’re giving you, and actually simplify everything down.

Coach your Receivers

Coaching receivers illustrated on a whiteboard

The second thing I see is actually uneducated route runners.  Guys that don’t understand that if they are taking away leverage one way, that means they’re inviting the route somewhere else, so we need to threaten the thing that they’re trying to protect so that we can get the grass that they’re actually giving us.

So we want to coach our receivers up to, so our quarterback can trust that guy is going to be there when we get them the ball.

 So there you go. There’s the lateral stress, vertical stress,  and today, the leverage and personnel stress- the three ways to attack the defense, score points, and win football games.

Tune In Next Week

Next week tune in with us, we’re going to talk about the two sub-ways that we break down lateral stress cross-stress, and flow stress and we’ll see you then. Hey, this is Coach Mac. If you found this video helpful make sure to subscribe to our channel. Check in again next week for next week’s Whiteboard Wednesday.

Quarterback Training - 3 Ways to Beat the Secondary - Pt 3 Leverage Stress | 1.3

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