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Now, the most fundamental problem I see with quarterbacks and the passing game is athletes who don’t know where to go with the ball because they don’t know where to put their eyes. And they end up looking at their offensive receivers rather than reading a key defender.

Reading Key Defenders

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3 Ways To Pick On One Defender

And the simplicity behind all this is rather than seeing 11 players, we want to get our eyes simply on one and we want to make him wrong every single time. So that we’re right every single time. And there are actually only three ways to do that from the lowest level to the highest level of football. And those three ways are:

  1. lateral stress
  2. vertical stress, and
  3. leverage or a personnel stress.

Lateral Stress Against The Defender

And for today, we’re going to talk about the lateral stress. What we want to do is we want to pick on one defender and we want to put him in conflict. With a lateral stress, we’re going to put him in conflict or stress him laterally left and right, or inside and outside.

As an example: Here, we have two receivers in this combination, we’re going to stress this linebacker. This linebacker is our key or our read. How we do that, we can simply run this out route. So when we were on this out route, this is this simple: If he doesn’t, guard it we throw it. If he does guard it, we now have to put him in conflict so that we, when he does his job, we still make him wrong.

Keep Your Eyes On The Defender

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Now, we take our quarterback and on Snap, we just wanna get our eyes right there. If he stays still, we throw that. If he turns his hip, and he will have to turn his hip to guard that as he moves out, we now hit him in.

And it really is that simple. So what you’re doing is telling your quarterback, “Get your eyes here on Snap execute the footwork and get the ball to the athlete based on what this man does here”.

If he stays in, we throw out if he goes out, we throw in. Now, this is an example of how we can do this underneath the coverage, working against linebackers.

Here’s how we can do this higher down the field in the secondary. Say we have a Safety, we have a quarterback in the middle, we simply send two vertical routes down the seams and now we put this safety in the secondary, in a horizontal or lateral stress. If he moves one way, we simply hit the other route.

The Most Common Mistake

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Now, the most common mistake we see with athletes who are executing this type of concept and stressing their defender laterally, is they wait for this guy to make a commitment.

And you actually don’t want to wait for him to make a commitment- now you’re being reactive. We want to already have a plan, we want to simply execute our plan.

So we want to throw the ball unless he commits to the other player. So if he does nothing, he’s actually made his decision. So get rid of the football.

And when we’re talking to our quarterbacks, simplify this, there’s so much chaos going. Tell them, Hey, get your eyes on the read, make sure he knows who his read is, every concept get your eyes on the read, execute your footwork, and somebody throws it where he’s not. He goes out, throw in, he goes left throw right and it’s that simple, he’s always wrong. You’re always right.

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