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by | May 15, 2019

Coach Mac is a great coach; he has taught me pretty much everything I know. He’s gotten me where I am today. He’s quick-paced, gets everyone exactly what they need to do, makes sure no one gets left behind and gives you all the tools you  need to be a successful quarterback.

Nazareth Greer

Marcos De Niza, 2017

Coach Mac was only my coach for one year, but for that one year, I learned more about not only the physical part of being a quarterback but the mental game as well. He is a perfectionist in everything he does and that is what makes him so great. He taught me many things that I will carry through Division I football. I highly recommend his skills as a coach to a student of the game at any age level that wants to learn and have fun while doing it. Thank you so much Coach Mac for all you have done for me.

Brandon Bialkowski

Lehigh University, 2014

Coach Mac understands football better than almost anyone I know. As a student of Coach Mac, I found that I continually learned more each week as he was able to break down every aspect of the game for me. He was not only dedicated to our team’s success but to the individual success of each of us in life as men and productive members of the community. I am proud to have been coached by Coach Mac and continue to look to him for support and guidance throughout my football career.

Nate Scola

Wabash College, 2014

Working with Coach Mac made me improve my accuracy and footwork. I also learned how to read different defenses and how to make good decisions with the ball. I now have that confidence that I can make any throw. Now I can tell when I “slash” and know what I need to do to improve my throw. I use these techniques that Coach Mac has taught me everyday. Coach Mac has not only improved my QB skills, but he has taught me how to be a better man. The way he used football to make me a better man was astonishing.

Brett Darling

Friends University, 2017

Coach Mac teaches the quarterback position like no other coach I know. He teaches you the footwork, mechanics, reads, and most importantly, leadership skills to excel as a quarterback. I recommend Coach Mac to any young QB who has the will to get better.

Sam Sasso

Hamilton HS, 2014

Coach Mac teaches the quarterback position like no other coach I know. He teaches you the footwork, mechanics, reads, and most importantly, leadership skills to excel as a quarterback. I recommend Coach Mac to any young QB who has the will to get better.

Mitch Trail

Newport Central Catholic, 2013

Coach Mac is a truly gifted coach. He has great knowledge and understanding of the game, but it is his ability to transfer that knowledge to his players that is remarkable. The training sessions are sharp, move quickly and are very efficient. My son Jake has made great strides in footwork, throwing mechanics and his understanding of defenses and proper reads has really boosted his confidence. Jake was just named QB MVP at the Next Level 2013 Combine despite being a Freshman competing with over 2 dozen upperclassmen QB’s. That is a direct result of the hard work put in with Coach Mac!

Ray Lewis

Father of 15 year old Jake, Hamilton HS 2016

Coach MacDonald impacted my life and gave me a new outlook on what it takes to perform to the best of my abilities and to be perfect in everything I do. He helped me through the recruiting process and taught me how to be successful at the next level.

Daniel Ambrosi

Osnabruck Tigers - GFL2

Coach Mac was one of the most influential coaches that I ever had, also the mentor that I had throughout high school. He was always there to push you, and be that driving force, only to make you better. His intensity and work ethic that he displayed day in and day out was something that I can say sticks with me to this day. Coach Justin MacDonald has always been that constant positive influence in my life that I can always look back on and be thankful for what he instilled in me.

Sgt. Cory Stockman


Coach MacDonald demands performance and accountability while still maintaining a close and personal relationship with the players. Playing for Coach Mac made me strive to be better than I had ever been before. He truly inspired and motivated me to be the best player I could be, but the best thing about him is that he inspires young men to be better in life as well. His style is no excuses, no complaints, and I have never come into contact with a more positive and uplifting person in my entire life.

Tripper Meason

Petty Officer 3rd Class US Navy

Pinnacle HS, 2019. Quarterbacks. Strength. Speed.

Father of 16-year-old Austin and 13-year-old Ryan, Corona HS, 2017 and 2019. Quarterbacks.

Father of 14-year-old Camden, Campo Verde HS, 2018. Quarterbacks.

Father of 13-year-old Nick, Pinnacle HS, 2019. Quarterbacks. Strength. Speed.

TateDayley_player - Authority Football

Father of 9-year-old Carson. Quarterbacks.

Father of 9-year-old Carson. Quarterbacks.

The eight online coaching sessions I had with coach mac were by far the most enjoyable, educational and fulfilling I could have asked for. Living in New Zealand I often felt I was alone in my passion for football and my desire to learn the quarterback position. Through our online meetings however Coach mac provided the perfect outlet for me to ask questions, talk football and most importantly provide me with the best quarterback training possible. In a very short amount of time he instilled in me the desire to push myself to the best of my abilities and really focus on all the small fundamentals that make a great throw. Even though we were never on the field together or had the pleasure of meeting each other in person the amount of information and analysis he was able to put into our sessions was outstanding. Every week I would go away from them with a whole lot of new things to think about and improve on. I think it speaks miles for him as a coach and the kind of person he is the amount of time and effort he put into to helping someone so far away. I for one am very grateful. As I’m sure many of his clients will testify to coach mac has a fantastic ability to break down very complex scientific concepts and break them into very easy to understand pieces. By the end of our sessions I felt very empowered as a quarterback with all the knowledge he was able to impart to me. The online coaching format provided a very unique type of lesson, which I believe others could find very useful. We were able to spend a lot of time together really breaking down what I was doing wrong and talk about the necessary corrections, which I think in the big picture helped give me improvements a lot faster. Overall I would highly recommend coach mac for any aspiring quarterbacks out there. His dedication to helping athletes and effective teaching methods are second to none and I count myself very lucky to have been able to work with him. Thanks Coach Mac

Nicholas Coulson

(New Zealand) 2015

My son Jack has worked with several QB coaches over the past couple of years. All with NFL experience. This spring we went with Coach Mac and without hesitation, I will state Coach Mac did more for my son in the 6 or 7 spring session we did with him than all the other QB coaches combined. The attention to footwork and mechanics and the ability to communicate this all to my son who is just 9 years old was impressive. If you want your child to succeed in any sport he must have the proper instruction, and if your child wants to be an elite QB, then Coach Mac is your guy. Just don’t take up my time slot with Coach!!

Tim Nelson

Father of 9-year-old Jack

Coach Mac has turned my son John into a real quarterback, in an amazingly short amount of time. I have been working with John, my 13-year-old son, for the past year on learning to catch and throw better. He has been playing tackle football during this time as a tight-end, but always wondered if he could become the backup quarterback for the team. I searched and bought every DVD available, paying lots of money and spending lots of hours trying to figure it all out. John got better, but he was still not good enough. But, then I found Coach Mac’s authorityfootball.com site. At first I was trying to figure out what his students were doing different, because they looked like “real” quarterbacks. Finally, I spoke to Coach Mac and we got John enrolled in one of Coach Mac’s 8-week quarterback clinics. After the first session, I realized that Coach Mac was better then anyone on all of the expensive DVDs that I purchased. I spent hundreds of dollars on these DVDs from all of the NFL/University Quarterback Coaches, but none compare to Coach Mac. He knows every detail about mechanics, techniques, and the required process of learning. He is an amazing quarterback, an amazing coach and John loves him, but most importantly, he is an amazing teacher!! He is organized and focused on detail along with high expectations, but put all of this together and the students make amazing progress. Shortly after starting Coach Mac’s clinic, John showed up to football practice. He tried out for every position, and was surprised when he was selected to be the quarterback of the team. I do not believe he would have made quarterback of the team without Coach Mac’s training. After his first game as quarterback, John expressed to me that “a year ago I would have never dreamed of being the quarterback of our team”. I feel that through our continued work with Coach Mac, John will perform to his highest potential in his football pursuits. We can’t thank Coach Mac enough.

Tim Rodney

Father of 13-year-old John

Austin has trained with [well-known coaches] and a few handfuls of other coaches. He says that no one has ever broken the throw down for him like you have. He said what you teach makes sense and was completely useful. He feels like he’s smarter and better prepared to QB this fall season because of your instruction. He says no one understands the throw like you do. After the last session, when he got in the car to drive home, he and his receiver commented that if you had a son, how lucky he would be because you would have trained him from when he was little and he would be super good by 13 years old. I would say that’s a pretty good compliment, and says a whole lot about how the boys see you! As a mom, though I’m not technical, I appreciated your promptness, your professionalism, your respect for the boys, your patience, and your concern for their growth. You demanded a lot from the boys in a very positive way, something I see a lot of coaches lack the ability to do. I saw that you could communicate the techniques very clearly and pointedly. You always gave them a why with every piece of instruction, which I think is important for their developing the skill. There was never any time wasted. Thank you!

Kaleen Godfrey

Mother of 13-year-old Austin

Justin proved to be an outstanding quarterback coach for my son. His knowledge, enthusiasm, and preparation drove the development of sound fundamentals and the platform for what it will take for my son to progress in the future. Moreover, he struck the perfect balance of hard work and fun that kids need to stay passionate about the sport. Having worked with numerous personal coaches and trainers over the years, Justin is easily at the top of this list.

David Roberts

Father of 8-year-old J.D

Coach Mac worked with my 8-year-old son, Jordan, over the summer. He taught him football at a level that my son understood and yet was still challenged by. My son gained confidence and a better understanding of the quarterback position, and football overall. Coach Mac, through his training, teaches the fundamentals and mechanics of the position, as well as why they are important and how they work. He stresses the importance of not only doing things but doing them the right way. I am grateful to Coach MacDonald for the work he does, and for the player and person he helped Jordan become.

Geoff Oldoerp

Father of 8-year-old Jordan

Coach Mac coached my 10 year old son Isaac for the first time in the summer of 2011. The experience we had with coach Mac was great, he is really dedicated to his students and pushes them to do their best, but most of all he takes time to know the player and coaches them at their level and ability. It was great to have a coach who actually knows what he teaching and not someone who just has the child throws the ball and calls it a day of practice. My son has improved from his session with coach Mac, from the basic fundamentals & footwork to understanding the QB position. We are looking forward in continuing with coach Mac knowing that our son will continue to grow.

Adrian Enriquez

Father of 10-year-old Isaac

I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for working with Christian. He just got back from his high school football camp and absolutely killed it! He would NOT have been nearly as successful without your help. There is little doubt that due to your training and instructions he has made huge strides in his QB skills. We look forward to you continuing your work with Christian to make him the best possible football player possible. I HIGHLY recommend your training to any QB looking to get better. Thanks!

Greg Sanchez

Father of 16-year-old Christian

Coach Mac coached our son Brandon, for his senior year at Gilbert High School. Brandon learned a tremendous amount from Coach Mac and most importantly, developed a great deal of respect and admiration for him. Brandon would frequently comment after practices regarding Coach Mac being such a student of the game, from a technician perspective and from a game preparation perspective. Coach Mac was instrumental in helping Brandon reach his goal to play QB at a Division I school. Thank you Coach Mac, you are an amazing teacher, mentor, and coach. Thanks for all that you are doing for QB’s in the Valley – we truly wish you and your athletes continued success!

Ron and Sondra Bialkowski

Parents of Brandon, Lehigh University

I just wanted to say thank you for all of your work with Dale. We are both very impressed with your knowledge of the quarterback position and your ability to transfer that knowledge to Dale. Your training system is really tremendous. I was so impressed with how you analysed Dale’s throwing motion from his fingertips to his shoulder and were able to show Dale what he was doing wrong and how to do it correctly. I think one reason you are so effective is because you gave him several drills that trained each part of his body in order to build the correct muscle memory. he was throwing on his own 4 or 5 days a week with these drills and showed a lot of improvement. I remember when he first started training with you his throws were inconsistent and his balls were often wobbly. Now his throws are crisp with beautiful spirals. In addition, your prices are very affordable, and you are genuinely a nice guy. Thanks again!

Mike Black

Father of 15-year-old Dale

Coach Mac has done a great job teaching my son, Logan, the fundamentals of being a QB. Coach Mac is a great leader, example, and mentor! My son and I look forward to the time we get to spend with Coach Mac. As a parent it is regreshing to to find people that care, not just about football, but about being a better person. Coach Mac is that type of person. He has taught my son to work hard, strive for excellence, set goals, have confidence, be a leader and to strive to be a better person. There is no doubt that he has done a great job teaching Logan football skills that will help him throughout his football career. But more importantly, Coach Mac has had an impact on the character of my son that will last him a lifetime. For that I am grateful and look forward to our continued relationship with Coach Mac.

Troy Bashford

Father of 13-year-old Logan

We are pleased to report that Palmer has had a great season this year and the improvements made through your program are indeed working. He continues to practice the drills you provided and remembers many of the buzz words he learned with you so now I only have to repeat those keywords and he quickly understands and corrects his mechanics as directed. His coaches are amazed at his progress and he is now starting over the former starting QB simply because his talent level has jumped leaps & bounds. He has lead his team to the league championships which takes place tomorrow. His confidence has grown so much and he has become a much more patient field general which is a big part of his success this year. Looking forward to the summer session!

Saleem Dabaneh

Father of 12-year-old Palmer

Dom is now keeping his left arm in, setting his back foot, using a hop step in the pocket and his elbow has come up SIGNIFICANTLY. Still has a ways to go, but very proud of how his work is paying off. It’s now been 6 months since I started introducing him to the right throwing fundamentals that Coach Mac showed us in one lesson and it’s really starting to click. I think the appealing story for you with Dominik is he is a normal kid with average athletic abilities but a good work ethic and coachable and he got something out of just one lesson. It gives hope I think to a lot of parents with kids who maybe get overlooked but are younger and have something in them if they just take the time to learn the fundamentals.

Dave Bagchi

Father of 8-year-old Dominik

When my son told me he wanted to play quarterback I let him know how much competition there would be in high school, but I made a commitment to him that I would do what I could to ensure he would have the tools needed to be considered for quarterback in high school and the rest would be up to him. We have been fortunate enough to be able to train with Coach Mac for the last 2 years. This summer while attending a football camp for 8th graders the Varsity coach and several others from his staff were commenting not only on how well he threw the ball but how well he moved to allow him to be at the QB position for most of the camp, so thanks Coach Mac for helping me meet my end of the commitment a year early.

Herb Lawrence

Father of 13-year-old Noah

I thought you would like to know that Jake received the QB performance award for his age group and an invitation to play in the All-American bowl in Orlando. His coach wrote the following on his camp evaluation, “Jake has the best mechanics of all the quarterbacks!!! Strong leadership skills and an extremely high football I.Q. Bright future!!!”

Amy Kostoryz

Mother of 10-year-old Jake

Training is going great…I thought last week’s session was the best yet… you could tell he was gaining confidence in the system…I’m definitely seeing more confidence in his throws…several parents have commented on it as well…and he’s starting to give feedback on throwing mistakes on his own which is awesome. His growth over the last two months ha been amazing, so it’s definitely been worth our investment. The words I would use are “night and day”…even him mom and other parents are noticing…ball placement, velocity, distance, decision-making, all the way, way better. He’s actually got the confidence to take shots down field and in small windows.

Richard Gau

Father of 8-year-old Nick

Just wanted to give you kudos for teaching Drew how to be an accurate and effective quarterback. The OC and head coach had a running quarterback start last Saturday’s game but Drew took over in the second half. He was 5 for 6, 75 yards with two touchdown passes. On one he was rolling out and could have easily scored himself but chose to throw it for the score. I put his stats in the QB rating calculator and he had a 158.3 QB rating, see below. Thanks again for all your help!

Jeff Bourland

Father of 12-year-old Drew

Coach Mac, just wanted to let you know that we wont he AYF championship last night. Travis played great and made great throws and reads last night. Just wanted to say thank you for the work you put in. Travis has really blossomed after your coaching. Thank you!

Wes Calloway

Father of 13-year-old Travis

I just have to tell you that my son came home last night SO EXCITED from the first night of speed and strength winter camp and all that you guys did. He had to show me everything and went on and on about what you taught them just in one night lol. Then this morning was up again and talking about how awesome it was. I did ask him so was there anything you didn’t care for in the training session?…he thought a minute and said yep…I don’t like that it’s just two nights a week. HA! Love this kid and his enthusiasm! Just wanted to thank you for all that you do for my son and these boys! You ROCK! THANK YOU!!  

Debbie Orton

Mother of 12-year-old Sebastian

Robert threw for 15 Td 800 yards and 3 picks in his first tackle season. He is tearing it up in his flag leagues and gets recognized by other coaches… thanks for all your help…We played in the regional flag championships Robert was our starting QB and he is young for the division meaning he has another whole year. We beat Las Vegas, California, Hawaii and lost to the Virginia extreme who won the whole regional. We finished pool play as the no.2 seed out of 31 teams from all over the country were there the Virginia extreme coaches asked me who the QB dad was and I told him it was me, he proceeded to tell me what a special QB he was and that he was the best there and we should be proud…

Robert White

Father of 8-year-old Robert

It is impossible to rank the practices you give the boys – they are all spectacular in time management and knowledge, but the energy tonight was awesome. Great job coach, I think I learn as much as the athletes out there. You should be so proud of the product you produce each and every time, I have never been around a teacher that can drive energy and excitement backed with sound knowledge like you. It’s good to know you.

Coach Steve Short

Phoenix Toros 10-12-yr-olds

The training has been great – exactly what I was hoping for! Mason loves it too. I can’t wait to see him start putting all of these skills into action during practices and games. Mason has gotten so much more out of this than anything else he’s done so far, and the best part is that he loves it. We used to put him in the flag during the offseason to keep busy but he gets so much more out of this that I’d rather start to think about the full picture – strength and conditioning in addition to football technique. Looking forward to a longer-term relationship.

Matt List

Father of 11-year-old Mason

I want to thank you for working with my son Nolan over the past few months.   He wants to play quarterback more than anything, and as a father, I felt I had reached my limitations in coaching him.  I am very grateful to have found you and Authority Football, your coaches, philosophy, energy, delivery and leadership are impressive.  I have seen amazing improvements in his effort, work density and skill level since working with you one on one. More importantly, I have seen you push him mentally, and he has responded positively. We do not always see that positive response at home but it has improved since working with you.
I can not thank you enough for the time you have spent with Nolan, he truly enjoys working with you.
I look forward to having you work with my younger boys as well – quarterbacks or not I will be sending them to work with you. You are a great person of character and an excellent coach.
Chad Day

Father of 14-year-old Nolan

  • Coach Mac came very highly recommended and now I understand why. He is very knowledgeable and relates well to the person that is being trained and breaks it down for him to understand it. We go to a lot of great information and look forward to working with Coach Mac again.
  • I thought the first session was very well done, in that it is an evaluation of where the QB is at that moment. It was understandably a lot to take in, but this just means there is a progression to make.
  • Love the coach’s intensity and knowledge of his trade. I would recommend that his presentation be slowed down a bit as he speaking to younger kids. We are so excited to be in the system. Lots of information to absorb.
  • I believe my son had a great session and Coach Mac made him feel confident that he will help him improve. Very professional and informative.
  • Think it went very well, wish we would have found him earlier!
  • Coach Mac, did a great job of communicating with our group of boys. His passion and intensity come across well. Don’t change a thing.
  • I am very happy with the first session!. I was happy to come away with a plan for future sessions ie Friday private sessions and plan for him to be part of group sessions, possibly handout with daily instructions to help remind Austin of what is needed from him to be consistent.
  • Very happy.
  • I really appreciate the extra time you spent with us at the end, far exceeding the session time. We will be going forward with your instruction and look forward to watching [my son’s] progression. (And Progressions)
  • very happy with the session.
  • Very pleased.
  • I think the videos being sent will help with the homework guidance. It was an excellent session.
  • I thought our session was ran extremely well. Coach Mac communicated and demonstrated perfectly to both my son and myself what he wanted to see from my son, what to work on and how to improve upon those things in a very clear and concise way.
  • Was excellent. Our son was very impressed with both Coaches and is looking forward to his next session. He feels that Coach Mac can improve him not only on his skills but learning and understanding the game better.
  • Awesome experience.
  • No suggestions – I think it went well and was pretty much what was expected. Your passion is very evident and you do a good job working with the kids and communicating to the parents. Very well organized and well thought out planning.
  • Thanks for taking the extra time with Dane today and for being so positive!
  • All good.
  • I thought coach Mac was great. My son has a problem trusting most coaches and will not concentrate. Coach Mac immediately made him feel at home and has his attention.
  • No changes. I was very pleased. You do use big scientific words which I understood and as far as I know, he understood them, too. You are an intelligent guy.
  • It was impressive.
  • It was more than we expected. My son really enjoyed it and was motivated to train again.
  • Owen was happy with his first session and is excited to get started. For an evaluation session not sure how you could improve. It was a good mix of reps and instruction.
  • Things went great and the boys really enjoyed the session.
  • You did a really good job explaining everything.
  • I really believe our first session was perfect. It’s exactly what we were looking for. My son is extremely excited to continue working with coach Mac.
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